Knowledge sharing across industries in the pursuit of intelligent route optimisation

Route planning and transport optimisation can be a complex business. That’s why knowledge sharing is vital, even across different industries where similarities aren’t necessarily a given. With networking and knowledge sharing comes innovation and inspiration. Even though two companies may transport goods with diverse and complex requirements, the basic underlying premise of having a need for route optimisation in a logistics operation does not change. Sparring with unlikely allies could result in generation of new ideas and possibilities, perhaps even something that before seemed unlikely or incomprehensible.

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About Intelligent Optimisation, Route Planner

The solution is a powerful optimisation tool for long-term pre-execution route planning of master and/or dynamic routes. The system can be used for what-if-simulations, master route creation and maintenance. The system is equipped with optimisation algorithms and the standard system can be configured to match the requirements of any industry, whether the basis is distribution, pick-ups, collections or a combination. Together with its intuitive user-interface, it forms the perfect solution for driving efficiency gains out of your transport business. With 25 years of experience of developing and implementing route planning solutions, AMCS offers high-quality products, utilised widely at industry-leading companies.
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About AMCS Group

AMCS is the leading supplier of integrated software and vehicle technology for the waste, recycling, oil & gas, ready-mix, concrete and material resources industries, as well as businesses with any kind of logistics and transportation operation. We help over 2450 customers to reduce their operating costs, increase asset utilisation, optimise margins and improve customer service. Our enterprise software and SaaS solutions deliver digital innovation to the emerging circular economy around the world. AMCS solutions reduce the paperwork, time and costs of operating. We optimise transportation, assets, back office and processing operations with clear visibility, mobility and decision support. The result for our customers is improved margins, rich customer service and getting paid faster.

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