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Best-in-class municipalities are focusing on three main goals to maximise their collection efficiency: Limiting their climate impact, reducing operational costs and improving their customer service for their citizens. If you struggle with any of these goals, this webinar is for you.

Optimising processes and adopting innovative technologies such as Cloud computing and Internet of Things are a must to maximise operational efficiency in a municipal waste management operation. Sign up to our upcoming webinar and learn about the four tangible steps needed to get there. The webinar will cover everything you need to know to get on top of your waste management operation from end-to-end.

Among other things, we will cover:

  • How to reduce your climate impact and CO2 emissions
    … by driving less miles while maintaining a high quality of service
    … with a digital process from end-to-end (adoption of digital route maps, e-invoicing, PDFs, email, web portals, how to handle exceptions, and communication to customers)
    … by encouraging recycling with multi fraction collections, weighing of fractions and weight-based pricing tariffs
  • How to reduce your operational costs
    … by changing to a process driven business approach
    … by implementing route optimisation to save on fuel, trucks and personnel costs
    … with reports for KPIs and environmental, operational and financial controls
    … using web portals
  • How to improve your customer service
    … with off load customer service
    … by providing proof of service
    … when handling exceptions
    … with exceptional customer communication
    … using web portals
    … with route optimisation to automatically handle real-time changes and ad-hoc orders
    … by having a real-time transport overview and GPS tracking

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