Towards dynamic waste collection

No one wants to live in a polluted, congested city where life is endured rather than enjoyed. The agenda of the smart city is to forge a new way of delivering services to improve urban living.

This includes dynamic waste collection and the data that fuels it. Dynamic waste collection takes data from bin sensors’ fill levels and analyses it. It tells you when bins are ready for collection, and then optimises and prioritises collection routes.

Dispatchers have visibility into their vehicles. They can see driving time, lifts – and if an ad hoc order comes in? It’s automatically inserted seamlessly into the plan, based on the lowest logistic cost.

Dynamic waste collection enables you to allocate resources more effectively while gaining fantastic efficiencies, which in turn reduces your operating costs by reducing your mileage, man hours needed – even the number of vehicles you operate. Along the way, you also lower your CO2 emissions.

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