Case study Twente Milieu, Netherlands: towards dynamic waste collection

As a signatory of the Sustainable Vehicles and Fuels in the Cleaning Industry covenant, the Netherlands’ Twente Milieu is committed to environmental initiatives. Twente Milieu also provides advice on municipal policy and contributes to environmental awareness and sustainability objectives in the region. The waste management company has 250 employees and 150 vehicles, of which 100 are heavy-goods vehicles.

To address their own goals of sustainable waste collections, they looked at their numbers. On average, they were doing 43 stops a trip, with a 50% filling degree, collecting between 1,800 to 2,000 trash bags. To make their waste collections more efficient, and thus reduce the number of stops and CO2 emissions, Twente Milieu asked AMCS to integrate Route Optimisation into their system.

The results were more than even they anticipated. Learn more about Twente Milieu’s journey to making waste collection more sustainable.

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