How to Adapt to a Sustainable Future

As with cement and ready-mix concrete, two of the major opportunities for the aggregates industry are the rapid industrialisation and urbanisation in developing economies and the increasing mega construction projects across the globe. The rise of investments in infrastructure is driving the pressure on the global construction and building materials industry, including deliveries of aggregates, causing an increase in the sourcing of recycled and secondary aggregates in some regions. As primary aggregates are increasingly in higher demand, the future could depend on the secondary and recycled sourcing.

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Aggregates Distribution 
Presented by:  Lasse Jiborn, David Møller Hansen & Christian Vinther

During this webinar, our industry experts will discuss how producers and distributors of both primary and recycled aggregates can tackle these challenges and be able to respond to the industry developments while meeting the growing market demand. Aggregates can cover a variety of different types of products and business units, including, but not limited to gravel, sand, stone and asphalt. As opposed to cement and ready-mix, these aggregates can often be ordered without a set contract, making it important to be able to protect the margin and profitability.

Our industry experts will also talk about the trends, and potential pain points, that are currently forming in the industry. For instance, roll-off containers used to transport construction and demolition waste away from building sites are increasingly also being used to transport aggregates to the building sites, thereby making a type of hybrid business. It’s a win-win situation, maximising the use of otherwise empty containers and empty “runs” on the road.

Seeing as companies are starting to source recycled and secondary aggregates that are considered “waste” to other businesses more often, the webinar will also review the business possibilities of this development and give their view on sustainability and a circular economy within the construction supply chain.

As the webinar explores what the future of aggregates may hold, the topic of course lands upon the possibility of the deployment of autonomous vehicles in quarries. In some regions these are already being used more and more, which will provide an additional challenge in terms of technology.

During the aggregates webinar, the industry-expert team shows how intelligent optimisation software can increase operational efficiency and help deliver sustainability, while still expanding margins.

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