State-of-the art mobile technologies can help you mitigate operational risks through real-time data exchange.

Join the AMCS Mobile Workforce webinar on June 3rd and learn more about the state-of-the art technologies available to support the mobile workforce. During this industry-expert session presented by AMCS' product manager Ken Tierney and Rogier de Klein, we tell you all about the AMCS integrated mobile solution and how it gives you a comprehensive visibility into your operations.

Tuesday, June 3rd at 14:00 CET | 13:00 GMT
Presented by:  Ken Tierney and Rogier de Klein

AMCS Mobile Workforce provides constant and up-to-date customer, route and vehicle information through the real-time exchange of data. With this, the AMCS in-cab mobile device provides actual route information to mitigate operational risk and prevent extra costs for missed collections. With AMCS Mobile Workforce, both the planners and customer service representatives have current information available to them which enables them to service customers better, more efficiently and at less cost.

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