Using WIP Purchasing to Protect your Margins and Buy it Right!

In the non-ferrous commodities market, it is essential to thoroughly grade and evaluate all materials to ensure quality in the materials you are paying for. Using AMCS functionality, you can achieve this process quickly, providing full traceability into your processed materials.

Using the truck scale, begin by performing a heavy weight and a lightweight measurement. Once this occurs, this weight information will be automatically recorded and added to your inventory. Then, the materials are all tagged by a unique code so they can be tracked properly. Moving to the platform scale, the materials are called up by WIP ticket, to sort the materials, and establish the weights and grades.

Inventory will additionally be updated, and the materials are completely sorted and graded, and the supplier is sent that information with an accurate price. This process provides you with full traceability in the commodity flow, inventory that will be automatically tracked in a faster and more efficient manor, and it gives you the ability to update your margins and buy your materials right!

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