Webinar on Demand: How Can Intelligent Optimization Increase Efficiency? 

As part of the AMCS Platform, the powerful and dynamic Intelligent Optimization routing optimization solution maximizes efficiencies and productivity, resulting in exceptional customer service in any area of waste management — commercial, domestic, roll-off, skips, hazardous, and more. Learn how to apply this powerful tool to solve problems unique to the post-lockdown marketplace.

The obvious purpose of route optimization is to automate the process of maximizing collection efficiencies via long-term, medium-term, and short-term planning. But Intelligent Optimization goes far beyond the planning basics by providing dynamic planning that adapts in real time — on the fly — to changes in orders other elements up to and during the collection execution.

This solution goes far beyond dynamic optimization, however, by supporting the operational and post-operational business process with automated route slotting and time slotting (price optimization), resource management, sub-contractor co-planning, self-billing, and much more.

With the AMCS solution, customers profit from significant benefits:

  • 5 – 15% reduction in number of vehicles
  • 25 – 75% decrease in time spent on planning and administration
  • 5 – 25% reduction in CO2 emissions, mileage, and driving time
  • Significantly improved customer service and service accuracy

Please tune in as Waste Today speaks to Lasse Jiborn, AMCS Commercial Director of Intelligent Optimization, as part of the Waste Today August 2020 Virtual Tradeshow. Topics to be covered include:

  • Static vs dynamic route planning
  • Dynamic optimization: how it works
  • Key benefits customers realize with Intelligent Optimization
  • Biggest customer challenges today, and how the solution helps
  • Technology trends in the last five years — and in the future

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