Become Agile and maximise your margins.

Watch this information-packed webinar about digitising your operations in the commercial waste industry. This webinar was organised in cooperation with the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM).

Adapting to the ever-changing environment of the C&I and C&D waste industry requires organisational agility and access to insight on key margin drivers. By digitising your entire operations, you get complete visibility on the key metrics so you know your costs to serve on your routes and for each customer and can maximise your margins.

But what is the best way to do this? AMCS Platform, an end-to-end enterprise-grade software ERP, is built for every aspect of your operations, no matter the size of your business. Designed specifically for the C&I and C&D waste industries, AMCS Platform supports everyday collections and ad hoc services alike and covers every aspect of your business, from business intelligence, contract management, route optimisation and complex pricing to integration with onboard weighing systems and weighbridges.

AMCS Platform is for both SMBs and larger companies. It’s a software as a solution (SaaS), so for companies still using on-premise software, this is a major leap forward. No server software and hardware or additional IT is needed on your part. It’s there, waiting for you on the cloud. We maintain and update it, scaling it with your needs. Depending on your current set up, implementation can take as little as a few weeks. You can start reaping the benefits sooner than you thought possible. Settings are pre-configured to make onboarding fast and easy. This is an off-the-shelf solution that can integrate with third-party solutions, if that’s what you prefer. We make the whole process easy for you.

Harness the power of technology today. Join us on our upcoming Virtual Showcase where we will provide an in-depth understanding of this platform and how it can revolutionise your use of technology, providing a major leap forward for your organisation’s operations.

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