With AMCS’ CRM and the iRecy CRM App, we offer more efficient communication between your organisation and your customers. 

Combining the goals of using a CRM - including building a knowledge base accessible to the entire organisation, making the customer feel well known leading to customer retention – and the flexibility of a mobile app, making it possible to access the database on the go with the opportunity to update details with the customer in front of you, AMCS CRM and iRecy CRM App offers everything you need for efficient and productive communication, across your organisation.​

To learn more about our CRM and iRecy CRM App, please watch our On Demand webinar, in which our Head of Professional Services, Christian Pollklesener, introduces some of the many features of the CRM and the app, and gives a live demo to show the flexibility of the services. The solution is meant to simplify the knowledge and data on all your customers, and access to mobile data provides real-time updates of data making all the information available to everyone in the organisation which gives the opportunity for efficient preparation for appointments, leading to efficient meetings with customers. 

The iRecy CRM App can be updated from anywhere, is directly available and is fully integrated in the AMCS/Recy recycling solution as a single, easy-to-use program.

Features like Archive, Price Files and Contracts can be viewed and updated on the go with the option of creating Notes and reminders as well as uploading relevant files. This gives you and your organisation full control of complete customer correspondences and a consistent level of information, and at the same time, makes the processes work faster as every feature is fully digital and updates real time! 

Please contact us at sales@amcsgroup.com to hear more and let us help you tailor a solution to fit your specific day to day needs. The recording is 26 minutes long.

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