Safeguard your business continuity through cyber security

The past year has proven to be a challenging time for many organisations, having to extend their infrastructure to support remote working and to open multiple channels to engage and service their clients and business partners.

Many of these innovations can present inherent security risks as businesses are forced to quickly adapt their IT infrastructure to adjust to new challenges.

This webinar on demand will explore the theme of cyber security, with expert speakers from AMCS and Microsoft and address the following questions:

  • What is the level of risk exposure of a conventional on-premise application?
  • Why are cloud solutions inherently more secure in protecting against evolving cyber-attacks?
  • How does the strategic partnership between AMCS and Microsoft benefit our customers in terms of protection from attacks?
  • Why should you consider investment in a SaaS based Platform now to protect your business?

In the last few years we have witnessed an alarming escalation in the number of high-profile cyber-attacks on large and small organisations in the waste and recycling sector.  These security breaches represent a massive risk for organisations resulting in serious losses and exposure of key data, significant operational downtime, loss of market reputation and heavy regulatory fines.

As these threats evolve, it is difficult for any organisation to stay ahead of these risks by provisioning and maintaining all of the necessary security solutions.

At AMCS the security of our clients data has always been paramount and we have invested significant resources in building in security as a design principle into our application and delivering compliance with best practice security standards such as SOC, GDPR and PCI compliance. In partnership with Microsoft, we want to ensure our customers have the best protection and support available, building on Microsoft’s critical investment in better security for its cloud operations through the Azure platform.

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