AMCS for IWS users – what the future holds

AMCS Enterprise Management | Platform

Since the acquisition of P & L Software, makers of the highly successful IWS solution, by AMCS Group in 2015, six years of very significant product development resources have been allocated to the AMCS Platform, and we are very proud of the resulting product.  

We are very confident that the AMCS Platform is the best solution possible to help our IWS customers take their business to the next level, and we want to show you why – so please enjoy this Webinar on Demand (recorded on March 25th, 2021) in which you will learn how the solution can directly help YOUR business to:

•    Reduce revenue leakage
•    Secure higher margins
•    Lower operating costs
•    Move to automated, paperless operations
•    Facilitate integrated payment solutions
•    Improve customer service including automatic ETA and job confirmation notifications 
•    Centralise your business management (fewer disparate systems)
•    Remove IT spend as a barrier to growth

Padraig Kelleher, AMCS Sales Hub Manager UK (Moderator)
Steve Short, AMCS Customer Success Manager UK
Pat Murray, AMCS Head of PreSales UK, with a demo of AMCS Platform

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