Optimisation of transport in ready-mix concrete distribution 

Distribution of ready-mix concrete is by nature a highly dynamic business, so how do you enable just-in-time deliveries? 

Growth in the global ready-mix market is driven by a rise in demand for sustainable infrastructure, the increase in urbanisation and industrialisation in developing countries, as well as a surge in construction activities in general. Timely delivered loads of ready-mix concrete are essential to assuring both continuous work at the construction site and a high quality poured ready-mix. Real-time re-adjustment of planned orders is therefore of the utmost importance. 

To achieve this just-in-time delivery, ready-mix concrete producers have to tackle a series of challenges. This webinar covers the major pain points for ready-mix producers that can be addressed with technology and digitalisation. For instance, the plans are ever-changing, seeing orders being altered 15-20 times prior to execution, either in volume, delivery time, ingredients, or all of the above. Other possible changes could include the uploading and unloading, number of staff, and timing. 

Throughout the webinar our industry experts will cover the major pain points for ready-mix producers and distributors that can be addressed with digitalization and technology. There are many ever changing factors that can cost your company time and money, like changes in delivery time and ingredients, route detours, the amount of staff and trucks available, among others. Organising can become exponentially more difficult when we consider all the afore mentioned factors and the incredibly short shelf life of ready-mix. 



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