Putting Down Routes: Optimizing Waste & Recycling Collections

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We are kicking off our third edition to the Timely Topics Webinar Series – Putting Down Routes: Optimizing Waste & Recycling Collections. This monthly series is designed to provide waste and recycling businesses with conversations around challenges in the industry and ways to overcome them.

Manually planning routes is a time-consuming task that continues to find its way on your never-ending to-do list. What if we told you that task could get eliminated from that list for good. By implementing digitalization, technology will plan your routes faster and efficiently. Minimizing the amount of time drivers spend on the road each day will reduce the risk of accidents. In fact, the AMCS Intelligent Optimization solution even detects road closures, restricted access, and height restrictions to ensure safety on the roads. 

During this webinar, we will be focusing on: 

  • Safety improvements to avoid accidents
  • More automation and fewer distractions
  • Less time spent on planning
  • Reduction in operational costs and CO2 emissions


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