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On Dec. 5th - 8th, AMCS Group will be an exhibitor at WasteCon in San Diego! 

Meet us at WasteCon 2022where we presentAMCS Platform: an enterprise grade cloud and software platform that is designed based on the best practice processes of thousands of waste & recycling companies across the globe. Our platform is inspired by global market trends, driving automation and delivering end-to-end standardization and optimization of all your business processes. 

  • AMCS Vision AI (Artificial Intelligence) – our new AI machine learning and camera vision-based solution that analyzes video streams from your trucks  to automatically identify overfilled containers, contaminated recyclables, and service exceptions (e.g., blocked access, containers not out, etc.).
  • AMCS Fleet Maintenance – our solution gives your comprehensive management of your fleet assets maximizing fleet availability and control of costs while minimizing downtime.
  • Smart Dispatch – our new automated dispatch and planning system offers a range of features including route optimization, designed to reduce your transport costs, emissions, planning time while boosting service and agility.
  • Driver Safety Solutions – a range of innovative safety-oriented solutions including AMCS Telematics, AMCS Mobile Driver In-cab solution including Guided Driver Navigation app.
  • Scale Automation including integrated PoS payment solution (AMCS Pay) and unattended automated options including a Driver Assistance Terminal and links to controls such as barriers and lights.


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