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New and more complex challenges when planning waste collection!
**Please note that this recording is in Danish

The increase in recycling of waste also means higher demands for sorting, tracking and quality assurance of the different waste fractions.

For municipalities it means more collections from households with varying frequencies to accommodate waste fractions. It increases the demand for municipalities to optimise and plan their collection routes.

The development also means that recycling stations and companies need more bins and waste containers than ever before, which again in turn requires an agile and dynamic approach when planning and executing collections.

The AMCS Intelligent Route Optimisation solution has proven to help municipalities, waste management companies and waste transporters by reducing the time spent on transport planning, executing and follow-up with 20-50%.

Among other things, the system can handle:

  • Automatic planning and optimisation of complex master routes with many stops and various waste fractions
  • Predict when it is the most optimal time to collect RoRo and underground containers
  • Optimisation in real-time and maintain a close connection between the back-office and the driver
  • Automatic surveillance and follow-up on irregularities in service

Typical benefits our customers experience include:

  • 5-25% reduction of driving time, CO2 emissions and driven kilometres
  • 5-15% reduction in the number of vehicles and / or driver shifts
  • 20-50% reduction in time spent on planning, execution and follow-up
  • Higher level of customer service

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